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One isn’t born a parent, one becomes a parent

It is never easy learning new things or new practices. Learning to walk, learning to ride a bike, learning to read or even write, learning a second language or learning to drive for that matter. What's the hardest thing we've learned? Let's try to reminisce. Each time, we were able to overcome this challenge, it was because someone was by our side to support, help and accompany us.

Becoming a parent is no exception. Whether it's for the first born or the youngest one, it's always something new. It seems easy but becoming a parent requires time, energy and most of all, support for dad, mom and especially the baby.

izybaby aims to help, accompany, support you, but most of all, make life easier with your baby. We genuinely have this will and commitment, when it comes to all the parents because behind izybaby, there is a mom, a dad and two little ones.

Parents in search of freedom and peace

Our child was born last year. It was one of the most beautiful moments of our life and the most tiring one too. Dad (head of sales) and mom (educator of young children, principal of a nursery), we thought we were strong and complicit enough to manage the requirements and the daily life of our mini-us. How naive! Once out of the maternity ward, you can forget about sleeping in! Outings to restaurants, evenings with friends and long getaways have become such headaches, that we have stored them away, among our distant memories...

Turning into a parent is an emotional and physical upheaval. Lack of time, lack of sleep, stress... But with so much love in store! However, as modern and connected parents, well in our thirties, we decided to carry out an investigation and simplify our daily life with a baby and resume control over our lives.

First mission: Heat the baby's bottle anywhere and anytime!

Every 2 to 4 hours, it was the same case: as soon as the first tears fell, it was the red alert! It was all about preparing the bottle. Still (more or less) under control at home, the main question emerged once outside: How to prepare the baby's bottle and most of all… at the right temperature?

izybaby brings the Nomad™ bottle warmer to life

So here we are looking for THE solution to heat up the bottle, through a “zero constraint” mode. Who knows ? With such an accessory, we could find a semblance of freedom and some peace.

Well, there is a problem! It seems that no brand has mercy on parents, who want to avoid trips to the kitchen or dinner with friends at the restaurant without any stress. Of course, we came across the so-called "portable" bottle warmers But we were still dependent on an electrical outlet, an external battery, an approximate (and slow) heater, adapters or a single bottle brand. Nothing more efficient or practical?

However, it is not so complicated to make a REAL portable and a wireless bottle warmer!

Hey… Are we designing a new key essential for our daily lives?

The Nomad™ Bottle Warmer will be the first born of the izybaby family.

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A range of products, which is unique, innovative and makes your life easier with the baby

Due to our professional experiences in early childhood and trade, we make up the perfect team to combine the physiological needs of an infant, within a practical tool for parents. While being attentive to the genuine needs of parents and their child, we are launching the izybaby adventure: a start-up of products which make your daily life with baby easier.

We are able to finally put down roots in a universe, with soft lines and powdered colors... A world where childcare wishes to be innovative, modern, practical and long lasting...All this, adorably!

Does this idea appeal to you? So we're off to work on other products that will accompany you and help you in your daily life with the baby!

See you soon!

Cyria, David, and children!

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